Our Translation Services spans across Indian & International languages, we provide services in more than 150 languages. we have keen for translating books, manuals, journals, documents, research papers, scripts, whitepapers, E Learning Modules, Legal papers and Certificates. we cater to various Verticals of the industries.

With our 4-step translation process, we can assure accuracy and consistency on every Single work large or small. Our translation process starts with thoroughly understanding your requirements thereby proceeding with work given to us we assign the same to our highly witted and qualified team for translation then the translated content is proofreaded by our proofreaders, so as to make sure there are no errors. Once our proofreading process is completed successfully, then it is verified by other Editors to check if there are any minimal errors left when passed this test, quality assurance is thus provided.

We provide you with complete translation service right from translating the contents, proofing, editing, desktop publishing to ready to print materials.


What is localization? How does it differ from translation? Well! lets get it straight localization is nothing but reaching your target audience in their languages with their regional epitome accent which makes it lot easier for your target audience to connect with you and your brand. Localization is mandatory when you want to make products successful in other regions there are many advantages in localizing it creates brand identity connectable, sales growth, loyalty & much greater exposure.

Website Localization
Make an effective strategy by localizing the website for specific or global audience by our experienced team.

App Localization
Emerge successfully in the ever growing world of apps. Gain your customers with our localization services.

Software Localization
No one likes to work on software which is not adaptable to their learning, dialects, pattern. Create a success by localizing the software’s.


Our transcription services are accurate as we follow a workflow process which ensures and guarantee our well put effort in making it error free transcription. We leverage on technology as well as on transcriptionist so as to get an accurate transcription. When it comes to quality control be rest assured our senior transcriptionists reviews and edits the work, adding an additional layer of proofreading to ensure our clients receive highly accurate transcriptions. Our pricing is competitive and cost effective we always deliver the work in a quicker turn around time. As having a high retention of clients who trust us and on our work capacity we adhere strict regulations on keeping the contents confidential and secure which adds up confidence of clients on us making a long term relation.

Our Core transcriptions services

Interviews Meetings & conferences Seminars
Academic Lectures Video Captioning Legal Recordings


Give a retreat to your customers by our DTP services, customized to serve your requirements. Get the same consistent layout for your multi lingual needs with same formats. We are always committed to provide high quality with competitive pricing.

Our service includes:-

Designing Formatting, Fonts Managment Graphics & Editting
markup services Extraction of content for DTP Qualtiy Checking

Software’s we use:-

Adobe Creative Suite PageMaker®
CorelDraw QuarkXPress
Microsoft Office Apple iAuthor


Writing a content is a art and we are skilled at it, we are experienced in writing contents and developed contents are various publishing houses, k12 books, storyborading, journals, whitepapers, technical manuals, presentations, brochures and more… Our deep knowledge in developing content and technology provides us an advantage to service you with all your end to end requirements. We have a large knowledge pool where our subject matter experts take care of Pedagogy & Andragogy making your content more meaningful, sensible & easily understandable.

Our content services spans over

k12 Storyborading Web Content
Coursewares Articles
Composition services Editorial services


Don’t let technology bother you! Are you in need of converting your contents to other platforms or you want your legacy content to be abreast with technology to keep it alive. Leave your worries to us, our professionals are backed with latest tools and technology to provide you with most suitable solutions. We help your contents, books go compatible with multi platform devices such as mobiles, smartphones, tablets, laptops & desktops.

Our service includes:-

Data Conversion Responsive Websites Flash to HTML5 Conversion
Ebook Developments Applications Learning Modules

Our Extensive Services

Complete Solutions

As a complete translation we not only provide you with translation but a ready to print materials with zero error on whom you can vouch on.

E Learning

We develop custom learning modules suited and tailored to the requirement of the clients, belonging to various sectors of the industry.


We keep keen on content needs, writing guidelines, review process to final delivery, may it be on print or on a digital media.


Subtitling is a valuable feature for video formats and we are competent in adding subtitles to any existing video materials.

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